Radon is the second leading cause of lung cancer after smoking and it can be found anywhere.  It is a naturally occurring gas that forms beneath the Earth’s surface and can seep into buildings through the foundation.  There are ways to mitigate, or counteract the intrusion of radon but first it must be found.  The EPA has divided counties into three categories based on radon levels found in homes.  Below you can see the EPA radon map showing the radon zones in Michigan (click to enlarge).  Zone 1 counties, shown in red, are the highest risk, orange zone 2 counties have medium risk, and the yellow zone 3 counties have the lowest risk.

Michigan Radon Map

As shown on the image above, the EPA recommends testing of all homes, as elevated levels can occur in all radon zones.  Grand Home Inspection LLC is certified for radon testing and follows EPA procedures for radon monitoring as part of a real estate transaction.  We will leave a tamper resistant continuous radon monitor in the subject home for a minimum of 48 hours, though we recommend 60 to ensure proper building conditions are met 12 hours before the 48 hour testing begins.  Grand Home Inspection LLC understands that the clock is ticking on all real estate transactions, and wish radon tests could be shorter, but anybody promising results in under 48 hours is risking inaccurate measurements.  We like to be as responsive and offer the fastest turnaround time possible, which is why we have invested in specialized testing equipment that can provide results immediately after the 48 hour period is over, instead of using cheap tests kits many inspectors use that must be sent in for lab analysis and add days to the turnaround time.