Welcome to the Grand Life

Announcing our podcast, The Grand Life, featuring leaders within the West Michigan real estate industry sharing what makes life grand.

In the summer of 2021 I achieved a major milestone of business growth:  I built an inspection team so that I could leave the field and focus on executing a vision.

It was always my goal to evolve from technician in the field to running a business, but the transition came with a new revelation.  In my effort to create a smooth running machine, I created opportunities for inspectors, admins, and marketers, which left me with no well-defined task.  I enjoy imagining a better future and creating the plan to achieve it, but the reality is you can’t just sit around dreaming all day.  That’s when I realized that my role needed to expand beyond Grand Home Inspection and into the larger community.

Thus, The Grand Life podcast was created! My goal is to share the stories of other leaders in real estate and discuss their journey to personal fulfillment. Every person has their version of what makes life “grand” and has grand ambitions they’re working toward. These are the things I want to explore through conversation. 

Hopefully, listeners can take away meaningful lessons, inspiration and a deeper look at what’s behind the success of those I interview on the show. I’m looking forward to learning from my guests, too!

-Brian Marcy