Grand Home Inspection’s Good Faith Inspection protects home sellers and brokers from liability after close. No home is perfect – and it’s tough for sellers and brokers to find everything, even with the best intentions.  There is always the threat that buyers discover issues that were not disclosed and pursue legal routes.

The Good Faith inspection is an added layer of protection, and simply making it available can help your case regardless of whether or not the buyer chooses to purchase the report.

Our Good Faith Inspection is free to sellers – even if no one opts to purchase the report. 

**Please note that Grand Home Inspection is not hired by the sellers and they do not receive a copy of the report.  Sellers simply make the home available in a Good Faith effort to make the condition known to interested buyers.  The sellers have no influence over the contents of the report.

Here’s how it works: 

  1. Prior to listing, we inspect them home at no charge to the sellers. 
  2. The report is not delivered to sellers or their agents to avoid disclosure issues.
  3. The report is made available to all prospective buyers for a fee.  We provide a flyer (SEE A SAMPLE) that can be uploaded to the MLS or distributed at showings. The form contains instructions on where to purchase and download the report online.
  4. Buyers who purchase the report can opt to have additional services, including radon or mold testing, termite or sewer scope services, performed at a later date as availability permits.

Schedule a Good Faith Inspection by calling 616-710-1796 or emailing [email protected]