As a home buyer, you may have waived inspections as part of your offer, but we believe it’s still in your best interest to have a professional educate you on the condition of your home and help you start to prioritize repairs and ongoing maintenance needs.  That’s exactly the goal of our Homeowner’s Consultation. 

The most expensive repairs are most often the result of minor issues being ignored over time. Many of these issues can be hard for an untrained eye to spot until the problem becomes overwhelming – and pricey! 

A Homeowner’s Consultation will help you:

  • Save money by preventing small problems from turning into big, expensive ones
  • Prioritize repairs so you can budget and plan accordingly 
  • Avoid surprises and costly repairs 
  • Identify potential safety issues that may not be visible to the untrained eye
  • Learn about ongoing maintenance needs

Our team will complete a full inspection of your new home and review their findings in-person with you. You will also receive a report with photos, videos and descriptions of the inspector’s findings. This report is color coded to help you identify issues according to safety issues, things requiring ongoing maintenance and items to be generally aware of.

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