Just as proper ventilation and insulation are required to regulate attic temperature, exhaust vents passing through must be configured to regulate moisture.

This cause of lung cancer is not an addictive substance, there’s no associated peer pressure, and it would make for the world’s most boring family sitcom.

Learn what a missing twistout is and how it can be a hazard to children, electrocute unsuspecting pests, and leave you in the dark.

This defect is usually the handy work of a “do it yourself” home repair job. Learn why sheet metal screws aren’t always best on sheet metal panels.

People are always asking me about the age and condition of the shingles, but they often overlook the fact that the roof is an entire system composed of multiple components that must work together in order to keep the water out.

Most people enter their crawlspace rarely, if ever, so what the big deal if there’s a little bit of junk taking up some space? You might think that some leftover lumber from construction is no big deal in your unused space, but it can be seen as a tasty treat to termites and other wood destroying organisms.

Can you tell what’s wrong with the exhaust in the picture above? I put a nice red arrow to show the problem area so it should be pretty obvious. The unfortunate truth is that this hazardous setup can appear perfectly normal to the untrained eye, but can be deadly if left uncorrected.

This blog focuses on an electrical problem that can look perfectly normal, even to some electricians. In the panel pictured above all breakers work properly, none of them are loose, there’s no sign or scorching, and conductors are wired just as they should be, so what’s the problem?

A few people think they can self-inspect, have a friend or family member that is fairly handy around the house, or might even know a contractor, so they could be tempted to make the mistake of doing a simple walk-through themselves or with that friend or family member in place of a professional inspection.